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A Pickwickian Society

For Convivial Conversation on all matters Dickens

A Convivial Collection of Dickens Fans
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This Community is For: Those dear and enlightened folks who have read works by Charles Dickens and duly appreciate him. Topics that might be brought up inside of this community include, but are not limited to: his books, his life, his times, quotes, and icons.

This Community is NOT For: Homework questions. Post one and you shall be proclaimed an Aggerawayter and Jerry Cruncher shall throw his boot at you. Which is to say, that you shall be forcibly removed from the premises and your question shall be deleted without answer. Go check sparknotes if you must.

Please do:
- post or comment often
- join in activities and/or discussions when able
- be polite

Please don't:
- Use rude or offensive language. Any posts using expletives will be promptly deleted. This includes using the Lord's name in vain. If you must, substitute gosh. Thank you!
- Explicit images. Take it somewhere else. Content on this community shouldn't rise above a "PG" rating.

Icon Rules:
- If posting icons, please only post ones directly related to Dickens and his work - quotes and images.
- Please, if posting more than three, put them under a cut.
- Clearly state your preferences regarding comments, crediting, and linking in each icon post.
- Any icons must adhere to the content rules in the "Please Don't . . ." section

Thank you! :)
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