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For Convivial Conversation on all matters Dickens

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Hello, my dears!

I got bored. I know I mentioned pictures before from my production of Oliver Twist and here I present them to you! I may very well put up some video clips at some point in the future. What can I say? I'm an actress. I like attention and recognition I just need to a DVD of the second act. I have the first and third, not the second. And, frankly, I'd like to say I did my best work in the second. Depressing, no?

So! Without further ado, pictures! I've got both behind-the-scenes pictures because it's always fun to see us out of character and generally being dorks, and production photos. Granted, the production photos are not the greatest of quality.  Once the website puts up some better ones that will have been professionally photoshopped, I'll share those here. The production photos were taken by my grandmother.

And, I don't see why you'd want to, but if you want to, feel free to take and use. Just let me know what you use them for, any icons or whatever. I'd be flattered. Though I really have no idea why you'd want to do that.

NOT DIALUP SAFE. Just a warning.

Enjoy! Now I'm missing the show even more. We want to revive it. Or, do the sequel. We'd make the sequel ourselves, you see. Apparently, there was talk during the show about creating And Then There Was Giles, about Rose's butler, because he's like, the only one that survives. Other than, you know, the good people. Timothy and I were talking and decided that we'd have lots of flashback sequences so Jeff, Ethan and I could be in it. It would involve, somehow, tea in Fagin's Treehouse. (The treehouse, because, we have this stump that we manage to get into about EVERY PLAY. We even managed to make it work in Nicholas Nickleby. Unfortunately, no such luck with Oliver Twist. I then realized, after the show had been done, that we could have put it into Fagin's den and made it Fagin's Treehouse. Timothy said then he would have been a good kid and not tried to run away because it was a treehouse. And then I would have lived. And everything would have worked out for the best.) And that's the story of the treehouse.

...I just realized through that entire thing I kept exchanging names. Timothy/Oliver, Ethan/Bill (I was the only person in the cast who, out of character, called him Bill. Even Ethan called him Sikes.), Jeff/Fagin, I/Nancy. Wow.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and all that jazz. I really tend to ramble.

P.S. I realized my icon is actually quite appropriate. And that just made my day.
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Hey everyone, I'm the other new maintainer. My story isn't as interesting as asgt's, alas. I just started reading Dickens during kind of a rough time in my life and totally got lost in the books. I feel like I kind of owe Mr. Dickens something for helping me through those angsty teenage years (I'm now 21). That sounds sort of melodramatic or something, but it's true. My favorite of his books, and my favorite book ever, is A Tale of Two Cities. I've only read about half of his books and a handful of stories though. I really need to work on that.

Anyway, I have something to share. There's this really cute children's book I found at the library called Charles Dickens: The Man Who Had Great Expectations. It's a story of his life, with great illustrations. I scanned it a few years ago:

lots of images, not good for dial-up usersCollapse )
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Hey, guys!
I'm asgt, one of your new maintainers!
This post is going to be two things.
1) an intro to me and what I have to share at some point
2) an advertisement.

So, without further ado...

Once again, I'm asgt. I'm an actress. So, what does this have to do with Dickens? Um, kinda everything. I was introduced to the man through A Christmas Carol at the Daytons Holiday Thingy-Magic which uses dolls and anamatrony things to do a show every year. You walk through it, and as a child I loved it. ACC kinda terrified, me, actually, but I was FASCINATED by it. I mean, who can blame a 6-year-old? Ghosts? On Christmas? Terrifying, right? Well, Marley and The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come, yeah.
Anyways, acting was how I was really introduced to Dickens. I auditioned for my High School's production of Oliver! when I was in 7th grade and denied. Which sucked, but oh well.  So, going into my Freshman year, I took a one-week camp over the summer with a local theater company thing that I've been doing stuff with for ages. It was a scene work session, and the director handed me and two of my friends and some random kinds a script and opened it to a page and said to read it. We read it. I loved it. We did the scene, and it was my favorite one to do that session (I did two others, all three of which featured me getting pwned in one way or another), and I knew from that moment on that I really, really, really wanted to play Nancy at some point in my life. So I went off, read the book of Oliver Twist, loved it, and launched a few year long crusade to do Oliver Twist at the same theater for a larger show.

Winter my Sophomore year we did Nicholas Nickleby. I can't spell that, sorry. Of course, it was simplified and I never really cared to read the full book, but probably should because Dickens is the win. I was cast as Mrs. Crummles and Lady Hawk. Because, rape was something I don't think the author wanted to deal with and, as we look back on it now, it's rather funny if I had been a man and it was Lord Hawk because the girl who played Kate then went on to play Dodger and that's just funny... Anyway! I don't have pictures of that anymore, because they went away, but if I find them, I will share!

Then, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! This past Spring I got my way. and we did Oliver Twist. With yours truely in the role of a life time (in my opinion) as Nancy. Which was a complete BLAST. I had one of my good friends as Bill, my ex and still good friend (and prom date) as Fagin, and my two brothers as pickpockets, and a great cast and we were all really close. The kid who played Oliver is like, my best friend.

Lots of fun stories about that show I may have to share. And pictures. I'll put those up.

But, that's me and Dickens.


Some people are looking for a Dickens/Oliver Twist related roleplay. I come bearing a present! Ripped from the Pages (http://z7.invisionfree.com/Ripped_from_the_Page) which is based on books/musicals/plays in which the characters are free to run rampant around London. It's great fun, we've got some fun stuff going on, but few people still. So, I thought I'd pass the word on to see if any of you wanted to join as a Dickens/Oliver Twist character or just anyone in general. Because that would be a blast.
If anyone joins as Bill Sikes you will have my love, babies, and soul and probably automatic acceptance because I really need a Bill. Unfortunately, Nancy has been taken so heartlessly by myself because I love the girl and had too much fun playing her in the show to give her up that easily. But EVERYONE ELSE is open. So, please join.
And if you join as Bill, please contact me ASAP because I have stuff I need to inform you of because we need him for a plot now.

(I'd also be willing to join a LJ/GJ one if we wanted to start it. I'd just want to steal Nancy for my own.)

I'll be around with random Dickensian things to show, laugh about, tell, and listen.
Um, yeah.

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'allo, there. Was going to actually say something with this, but tired + way the hot evening = incoherence, so you'll be spared the explanation and etc. Anywho. Point is, I've got a bunch of Oliver Twist icons. A few animated, but mostly not fancy in any way. Still, might be of interest, soooo here you are.

Including the 2005 film, the BBC version from--ahhhhh--would need to check the date, and the musical.

Forewarning: There may be a slight dominance by one character, in particular. Just sayin'.

Aussi, should anyone ever stumble upon an Oliver Twist--orrrr closely related--RPG on livejournal (or perhaps greatestjournal), please do tell. >.> Because you know it'd be good times.

All righty, to the icons, now.

'I wonder they don't murder you; I would, if I was them.'Collapse )
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A hearty welcome to asgtand undermywheels, the new maintainers of the Pickwick Society! I'll now be stepping down and pulling a disappearing act. You have my best wishes for a more lively and active community. ;) Happy reading! And because I can't resist a good parting line,

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

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Hullo, Dickens fans.

I guess it's pretty obvious that I haven't had the time and inclination to keep this community up and running. Excuse me while I duck the flying vegetables.

I'm now bent on deleting my LJ account--would anyone like to step forward as a maintainer? If so, you can comment here. All comments are screened.

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I'm so glad there is a Dickens community on LJ and there are people willing to join it!

Anyways, I've read only three Dickens books, A Tale of Two Cities, (My favorite!) Great Expectations, and an abridged version of A Christmas Carol. I'm reading Bleak House right now, and I plan to read The Pickwick Papers next.

My first Dickens book was A Tale of Two Cities, because it was a required reading assignment for school. I fell in love with it, and then decided to read more of the genius Dickens's outstanding work.

May his books be forever cherished in the hearts of millions yet to come!

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Hello, fellow Dickens fans! I present to you ataleof2cities, a community for the novel A Tale of Two Cities. If you're a fan, please come and join us!
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