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Recommendations for things to do in England.

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My partner and I are going to England in November 2008 for our honeymoon and I'm looking for ideas of things to do. We have tickets to see Hamlet and Love's Labors Lost in Stratford, I want to go to both Dickens World and the Dickens House Museum. Any other suggestions of things to do while we're there for 2 weeks?

Thanks for your time.

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On November 29th, 2007 11:53 pm (UTC), asgt commented:
Wow. I'm terribly nostalgic for England. I haven't been there in in a while, but anyway.

So, where you should be going... You're going to love seeing those shows there. Stratford is a beautiful town- I saw Midsummer Night's Dream performed by the RSC there. Brilliant. If you want to see more shows, I suggest stopping by the West End and seeing something, the Jack the Ripper walk was incredibly touristy but very fun, and a little creepy. Apparently, Stratford has some ghost walks, too, where you go around to places and hear about the ghosts and what not. My type of thing, I tells ya.

Go to a historic pub! Ten Bells, The Three Cripples, something awesome.

For more Dickens fun, go to London Bridge at midnight on a Sunday. I plan on doing it someday.
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