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Hey, guys! I'm asgt, one of your new maintainers! This post is…

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Hey, guys!
I'm asgt, one of your new maintainers!
This post is going to be two things.
1) an intro to me and what I have to share at some point
2) an advertisement.

So, without further ado...

Once again, I'm asgt. I'm an actress. So, what does this have to do with Dickens? Um, kinda everything. I was introduced to the man through A Christmas Carol at the Daytons Holiday Thingy-Magic which uses dolls and anamatrony things to do a show every year. You walk through it, and as a child I loved it. ACC kinda terrified, me, actually, but I was FASCINATED by it. I mean, who can blame a 6-year-old? Ghosts? On Christmas? Terrifying, right? Well, Marley and The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come, yeah.
Anyways, acting was how I was really introduced to Dickens. I auditioned for my High School's production of Oliver! when I was in 7th grade and denied. Which sucked, but oh well.  So, going into my Freshman year, I took a one-week camp over the summer with a local theater company thing that I've been doing stuff with for ages. It was a scene work session, and the director handed me and two of my friends and some random kinds a script and opened it to a page and said to read it. We read it. I loved it. We did the scene, and it was my favorite one to do that session (I did two others, all three of which featured me getting pwned in one way or another), and I knew from that moment on that I really, really, really wanted to play Nancy at some point in my life. So I went off, read the book of Oliver Twist, loved it, and launched a few year long crusade to do Oliver Twist at the same theater for a larger show.

Winter my Sophomore year we did Nicholas Nickleby. I can't spell that, sorry. Of course, it was simplified and I never really cared to read the full book, but probably should because Dickens is the win. I was cast as Mrs. Crummles and Lady Hawk. Because, rape was something I don't think the author wanted to deal with and, as we look back on it now, it's rather funny if I had been a man and it was Lord Hawk because the girl who played Kate then went on to play Dodger and that's just funny... Anyway! I don't have pictures of that anymore, because they went away, but if I find them, I will share!

Then, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! This past Spring I got my way. and we did Oliver Twist. With yours truely in the role of a life time (in my opinion) as Nancy. Which was a complete BLAST. I had one of my good friends as Bill, my ex and still good friend (and prom date) as Fagin, and my two brothers as pickpockets, and a great cast and we were all really close. The kid who played Oliver is like, my best friend.

Lots of fun stories about that show I may have to share. And pictures. I'll put those up.

But, that's me and Dickens.


Some people are looking for a Dickens/Oliver Twist related roleplay. I come bearing a present! Ripped from the Pages (http://z7.invisionfree.com/Ripped_from_the_Page) which is based on books/musicals/plays in which the characters are free to run rampant around London. It's great fun, we've got some fun stuff going on, but few people still. So, I thought I'd pass the word on to see if any of you wanted to join as a Dickens/Oliver Twist character or just anyone in general. Because that would be a blast.
If anyone joins as Bill Sikes you will have my love, babies, and soul and probably automatic acceptance because I really need a Bill. Unfortunately, Nancy has been taken so heartlessly by myself because I love the girl and had too much fun playing her in the show to give her up that easily. But EVERYONE ELSE is open. So, please join.
And if you join as Bill, please contact me ASAP because I have stuff I need to inform you of because we need him for a plot now.

(I'd also be willing to join a LJ/GJ one if we wanted to start it. I'd just want to steal Nancy for my own.)

I'll be around with random Dickensian things to show, laugh about, tell, and listen.
Um, yeah.

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On August 4th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC), scytheandroses commented:
We-ell, hello there, oh maintainnish one. Regarding the first point, sounds very cool, particularly on the performing as Nancy end. All kinds of awesome, there. And I rather like the story of your theatre time as told in a Dickens line; kind of a win, not gonna lie. Do theatre-stuffs myself, though am not so much in the acting line, and have only worked as a deck hand/spirit (and that was an, ah... experience) on Christmas Carol, alas.

Aaaand for the second point. Started poking around the board, and am further intrigued (a fact helped along by your quite rockin' Nancy, over there); the app is definitely a-calling. Only problem might be availability; I know I said I wanted some RP, but realistically, time might be an issue (classes/design project/etc. YAY). Not that I'd disappear completely, but that I wouldn't available at all times for RP (discussion, though, maybe). Ermmm, if that wouldn't be a huge problem, y'all might be getting an app for one Mr. Sikes.

Andddd yeah. Can't promise anything stellar, but reference-wise, I've got some ficbits and such for perusal-purposes on another journal, as well as several RP'n (including an HP ex-Death Eater who may or may not have been based on Sikes in many ways <.<).

So, yes. Maybe possibly going to try that? And if'n you'd like to contact at any point, I've got YM and AIM (both in me profile, I believe), and will be on... at various times. XD Have two shows tomorrow, but free (save for research) for a couple of days after that, so should be around at some point. Many points.

And I'll stop now. Muy bien for the intro post, and you get another cool on the acting-stuffs. Huzzah, theatre.
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On August 4th, 2007 04:16 pm (UTC), asgt replied:
I'm planning on auditioning for Christmas Carol this year. This one theater does it every year. Actually, one of my best friend's father played Scrooge at one point, which I think is amazing. There's a joke around our theater that he plays God in his spare time. Sorry.

I'm glad you have decided she's quite rockin'. I have a blast playing her, becauseshe's just so... wonderful, and manages to get herself into bad positions and it's fun. She's difficult as hell half the time because she's such a deep, mixed up character, but since I'm playing her pre-Oliver it's a bit easier. She still can be an emotional wreck at times, of course, but blame Hyde. Of Jekyll & Hyde. I'll have to explain that entire thing to you if you join, because it's important.

That would so NOT be a huge problem oh my god! You have no idea how little of a problem that would be. As long as I have one and you do occasionally post and I can get a hold of you to make you do it/ask you about something or other. Expect and IM or something from me in the next few periods of time. What shows?

Theater=my life.
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On August 5th, 2007 03:24 am (UTC), undermywheels commented:
Hi! I'm the other maintainer. . . I suppose I should introduce myself too, now that you have, so as to avoid being the "deadbeat one." Hee.

I was always scared of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come, too.

That's so cool that you got to play Nancy! And yeah, you should read Nicholas Nickleby because it is a wonderful book. ;)

I'll have to check out the roleplay, sounds fun! I don't participate in those though, I just like reading them. Thanks for sharing!
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On August 5th, 2007 03:36 am (UTC), asgt replied:
Hi other maintainer!
I'll look forward to reading your introduction.

He's terrifying. Just like, pardon it, but, a Dementor. Only, not, because he came first.

I'll order it. I need more books, anyways. I always need more books.

Participate! You should. It's grand, but more fun to participate! But, I hope you pop around and read. Be warned, some threads were on a different server before it died so we picked up in the middle of them and it's slightly awkward.
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On August 5th, 2007 04:40 am (UTC), undermywheels replied:
When I first read Harry Potter that's the first thing I thought of!

Who doesn't always need more books?

Ah, well, the reason I don't is because I'm trying to limit my time online. Especially once school starts again, I really won't have much time. :/ I'll be sure to read, though.
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On August 5th, 2007 04:58 am (UTC), asgt replied:
Hahaha. Dementors, Nazgul and Ghosts of Christmas Yet To Come. Obscure relatives, I'm sure of it.

Ah. Yeah... I should be doing that. At the end of the year, actually, for about three weeks, I was barely online. I was busy with my exams, projects, and rehearsals for Oliver Twist took everything out of me. Adding in online and I wouldn't have had time to get anything done. Then again, I usually manage to make some sort of time to go online. *shrugs* I hope you do read. Feel free to tell me what you think.

...Suppose we should add each other? Being maintainers and all? It just seems to make sense to me.
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On August 5th, 2007 09:27 pm (UTC), undermywheels replied:
Yeah, the end of the year is always the worst. I'm just trying to practice spending less time online, so I'll have an easier time with it this time, haha.

Sure! I added you. :)
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On August 5th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC), asgt replied:
That makes sense. End of this year well, I pretty much won't be doing anything. Except, perhaps, the odd play. I'm excited to be a Senior.

Grand. I added you, too!
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